Poetry on the streets :
One fine Sunday evening, I wanted to perform to people whom I have never met and who wouldn’t expect this that evening. A performance which would make them travel back in time where they have seen fakirs aka vaanampaadis who used to do this. Because an artist is a messenger – taking art to people. What is the point of poetry if it doesn’t reach people.

Soapbox by Evam – Performance snippet

Yaaro moovar – Poetry series

யாரோ மூவர் – Three young creators, mad enough, chilling on a terrace. A performing poet takes a look at one of his old poems to see if it’s worthy enough to be performed again. His friends don the role of spectators talking their hearts out.

Poetry With Prakriti – Performance Snippet

நானும் இறைவனா?


அன்புடன் இயற்கை

பொய் – Visual Poetry

ஆசிரியர் தினம்

என் சென்னை டா!

முண்டாசுக் கவியே

ஆசை வாழ்க்கை


புத்தாண்டு 2017

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